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I am going into my 70th year,live alone, and have for many years had problems with my equilibrium and syncope episodes. I had been feeling for a number of months that I wanted to see family and friends who are a long drive away, and with cabin pressure changes on an airplane, I run the risk of triggering very unpleasant vertigo episodes. I began to think about how there might be some way to make that trip when I came across the Trip Trustees website.
I was excited by the possibility of being able to get needed support to be able to see my family and friends. So, I called and set up an interview. I met with Gino and felt at ease almost immediately with him. He shared who he was,his background as a senior airline pilot and also a registered nurse. He listened attentively and respectfully to what my situation was, and what my needs were,all the time offering information and words of encouragement.
It was clear that this was more than just a business. It is a heartfelt endeavor to provide a needed service that would enhance people's lives. I felt very assured that I would be able to get the help and assistance that I would need to risk making the trip.
I approached the trip with growing excitement and the day came to get on the plane. If you have ever experienced having vertigo with the room spinning around you, and then think about having that occur while you are on an airplane, you might grasp what was going thru my mind as I boarded the plane.
But I felt like I had the support I needed to risk it. Gino engaged me in conversation keeping the tone light and upbeat, and before long we were engaged in an interesting conversation and my attention was off of anything else. The flight passed quickly and I arrived and met up with my friend. After a much needed and enjoyable time with family and friends, I boarded the plane for the return trip with confidence and again had a good audience to share how my vacation time had gone.
The flight went off without a hitch. Being able to make that trip and affirm those relationships with family and friends has added so much to my life. I am very grateful for having found Trip Trustees. If you are in a similar situation and need assistance in traveling, I cannot recommend Trip Trustees highly enough. Their combination of expertise, professionalism, and humanness is impeccable. Bernie H.”

Bernie H.

Trip Trustees helped my sister-in-law and her husband have the confidence to join our family reunion in Mt. Dora, FL, a trip they would never have attempted on their own. We were thrilled to see them.”

Bill K.
Social Media Specialist
American College of Chest Physicians

Trip Trustees provided first-class, dependable service at reasonable rates. I would utilize their services again and highly recommend them. A+

Mac C.


American seniors aspire to travel.

Trip Trustees provides older Americans a connection to local Travel Assistants who display trust and reliability, from their careers in civic duty service and leadership in their own community.


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