Minimum Quality Standards

If you are a Travel Assistant, you are responsible for ensuring that the Travel Facilitator Services you list on the Trip Trustees Platform are accurate and meet Minimum Quality Standards regarding your ability, intentions and adequacy of your performance capabilities, and do not present a Travel Client with a Travel Issue. During a Trip, Travel Assistants should make themselves available, or make a third-party available with the permission of the Travel Client, in order to try, in good faith, to resolve any Travel Issues that arise.

If you are a Travel Assistant and have already received payment for a Trip, and if (i) Trip Trustees determines that a Travel Client has suffered a Travel Issue related to Travel Facilitator Services listed or provided by you and (ii) Trip Trustees either reimburses that Travel Client (up to their Total Fees) or reassigns an alternate Travel Assistant to the Travel Client, you agree to reimburse Trip Trustees up to the amount paid by Trip Trustees.

If the Travel Client is reassigned an alternate Travel Assistant, you also agree to reimburse Trip Trustees for reasonable additional costs incurred in the reassignment. If you have not yet been paid, these fees will be deducted from your payout before payment is remitted to you. You authorize Trip Trustees Payments to collect any amounts owed to Trip Trustees by reducing your Payout or as otherwise permitted pursuant to the Payments Terms of Service.

As a Travel Assistant, you understand that the rights of Travel Clients under this Travel Client Refund Policy will supersede your selected cancellation policy. If you dispute the Travel Issue, you may notify us in writing or via telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) disputing the claims regarding the Travel Issue, provided you must have used reasonable and good faith efforts to try to remedy the Travel Issue with the Travel Client prior to disputing the Travel Issue claim.


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