Medical Liability Disclaimer Policy

You understand and agree that Trip Trustees is strictly a NON-MEDICAL service and does not purport or claim to provide any sort of medical advice, assistance, service, guarantee or insurance in conjunction with its Website, Application Services or Members’ actions, claims or intentions. Neither Trip Trustees nor the Travel Assistants assume liability for, and are not making any claim which suggests that, the ability or intention of Trip Trustees Travel Assistant Members is to provide medical assistance of any sort to Travel Client Members.

You understand and agree that Trip Trustees Travel Assistant Members provide only NON-MEDICAL assistance and that in the event of a medical situation or emergency the Travel Assistant, to the best of their ability will call 911 or for emergency assistance. You acknowledge and understand that Trip Trustees Travel Assistant Members are not expected, qualified or required to call 911, administer medication, first aid, CPR, or medical assistance of any kind, regardless of the existence of a life-threatening emergency. Trip Trustees Travel Assistants, Trip Trustees, its shareholders, officers, employees or agents shall not be held liable for injury or death as a result of medical assistance rendered or not rendered, whether or not the Trip Trustees Travel Assistant is technically qualified to assist medically.

Use of the Trip Trustees platform, Website or Application Services, represents that you have read and understand this Release from Medical Liability Disclaimer, in its entirety, and that you acknowledge its entire final content.


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