Frequently Asked Questions

Trip Trustees is a web-based service that allows members who are Travel Assistants to offer, for hire, their travel facilitator services to members who are Travel Clients.
We verify that the Travel Assistant’s professional license is currently active and/or was in good standing if currently retired. We also verify a level II background check. Travel Assistants must be a current or retired (in good standing) Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Registered Nurse, city/state/federal Law Enforcement Officer, Retired Military or Flight Attendant.
A Level II background check is a state and national fingerprint-based check which considers disqualifying offenses and applies to those employees pursuant by law who are required to be fingerprinted due to holding positions of responsibility or trust.
To become a Travel Client, simply create a free account at, complete your online profile and once Trip Trustees approves your profile, you will be able to start searching for a Travel Assistant in your city. You will be asked to provide an image of a government issued ID and some personal information to complete your profile.
To become a Travel Assistant, simply create a free account at, complete your online profile and once Trip Trustees approves your profile, you will able to start receiving Trip Requests from Travel Clients in your area. You will be asked to provide an image of a government issued ID, your professional license and some personal information to complete your profile. You will also specify your daily rate.
Travel Assistants must have a valid physical address, email address, cell phone number, government ID with photo (ex. driver’s license, passport) & a valid profile picture for comparison. Travel Assistants are additionally asked for an image of their occupational license (Register Nurse, Fire Fighter, Paramedic, city/state/federal Law Enforcement Officer, Retired Military or FAA approved Flight Attendant) & permission to verify that a current Level II background check exists (or agree to have a level II background check conducted). Travel Assistants represent and warrant that they will provide timely, high-quality services to their Travel Clients with emphasis on safety and reliability.
Absolutely, Travel Assistants only accept the trips that they are interested in and that work around their own schedule.
Give the selected Travel Assistant 24 hours to respond.
Yes, there is a 24-hour time limit for a Travel Assistant to initially respond to the Travel Client’s Trip Request through secure messaging on the Trip Trustees platform, After 24 hours without an initial response from the selected Travel Assistant, the Travel Client will be directed to search for another Travel Assistant, and the Travel Assistant’s response rate will be reflected in the Travel Assistant’s public profile.
No, an initial response is not a commitment, it simply expresses the Travel Assistant’s interest in learning more about the trip.
After the Travel Assistant initially responds to the Travel Client’s Trip Request within 24 hours, there is no time limit for both parties to discuss, consider, coordinate and come back to the “Pending Trips” section of their accounts to “accept” or “decline” their interest to travel together. Members are encouraged to use the secure messaging system on the Trip Trustees platform for messaging, but may use any other means required to communicate. Meeting in person at a mutually satisfactory location may be one of the best methods to ensure a “good fit” for traveling together. Occasionally Members may meet someone who is a poor fit for traveling together. *Note: Once a decision is made, both parties must “accept” the trip via the “Pending Trips” section in their Trip Trustees account. If either party “declines,” the Travel Client will be directed to search for another Travel Assistant.
Yes, you must be 21 years old or older to use this service.
IRS regulations require that we collect an IRS Form W–9 from US Travel Assistants, and a similar IRS Form W–8 from non-US Travel Assistants. As a Travel Assistant you are solely responsible for keeping your tax forms current, complete and accurate.
Yes, only a Travel Client, not a Travel Assistant, can request an extension of days for a Trip that has already been approved or is currently in progress. The trip extension must be submitted as a separate Trip Request by the Travel Client for the dates requested, and may be approved by the Travel Assistant, but the Travel Assistant is not required to accept the extension.
No, Trip Trustees is strictly a NON-MEDICAL service and does not purport or claim to provide any sort of medical advice, assistance, service, guarantee or insurance in conjunction with its Website, Application Services or Travel Assistant Members’ actions, claims or intentions.
Travel Clients agree to our Trip Trustees Terms of Service, which maintains that the limitations of liability expressly pertaining to Trip Trustees, also apply to any potential damages or claims of Travel Clients against Travel Assistants. Trip Trustees’ rights and defenses to liability, shall inure to the benefit of Trip Trustees Travel Assistants, who shall have no liability to Travel Clients which is greater than or different from that of Trip Trustees.
Trip Trustees Members may not inquire about the existence or severity of a Member’s disability, however, if a Member voluntarily raises the issue of his or her disability, the other Member may, and should, discuss whether the trip logistics and personal capabilities of both Members would meet potential needs. The primary concept here is to only accept trips that seems like a good, manageable and promising fit between you and the other Trip Trustees Member from your own personal perspective, and within your own personal comfort level. This is for the mutual benefit of safety for both parties involved.
Each Travel Assistant sets their own “daily rate.” The client pays the daily rate, per diem and a nominal service fee for the use of the Trip Trustees platform. The "Daily Rate" is the per day fee set by the Travel Assistant. "Per Diem" is charged to the Travel Client, to be paid to the Travel Assistant to offset the cost of buying their own meals & incidentals while traveling. Currently $30 per day. The "Travel Client Service Fee" is a nominal fee charged to the Travel Client, used to run our platform and to improve product development. The "Travel Assistant Service Fee" is a nominal fee deducted from of the Travel Assistant’s payout, used to run our platform and to improve product development.
Once both parties (Travel Assistant & Travel Client) agree to a trip and confirm their collective interest in traveling together through their accounts on the Trip Trustees platform, the Travel Client can make one easy online payment. This payment covers the travel facilitators fee (daily rate x number of days), per diem and service fee. *Note: This payment does not include transportation and lodging costs for the Travel Assistant, which are the Travel Client’s responsibility and are arranged in a separate agreement between the Travel Assistant and Travel Client, independent of any agreement with Trip Trustees.
We accept payments from PayPal, credit card or debit card through Trip Trustees website.
24 hours after the successful completion of a trip, Trip Trustees sends payment to the Travel Assistant.
If a Travel Client cancels a trip that has already been “accepted” by both parties, Trip Trustees will refund the Travel Client’s payment, minus the Travel Client Service Fee, any nominal 3rd party transaction payments, and any Travel Facilitator Fees and Per Diem for services already rendered during a trip in progress.
Yes, certain Extenuating Circumstance apply such as death or serious injury, natural disasters, severe weather incidents and government-mandated obligations.
To read the Trip Trustees Policies in full, please visit
We love questions, suggestion and comments. Additionally, our Resolution Center will be happy to assist with any complaints you may have. You can send us a message via the website or email us at [email protected]

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